What is Smileys War?

Smileys War is an action packed platform shooting game. You control a smiley and you have to take down your enemies usign a variety of guns. Many game modes, many maps, lots of fun! For more information about the game, please visit the features page.

Latest News

Updates Coming Soon

Hey everyone! This is a small news to tell you all that ill have time soon to work on this website. I have some things planned like a map "preview" when you browse custom maps, new colors for the website layout, fixed layout and the possibility to browse maps by their rank. Ill also add some new objects in the map editor AND maybe new textures so you guys can all enjoy the custom maps even more!

I guess its never too late to fix some things.

More news coming soon for summer plans. Keep clicking those ads!


Submitted on: 04/05/2008 - Author: Louissi

A new game

I took a little pause from smileys-war online to make a more art-oriented game. If this game does well, I might win some cash. Please go play it, and more important, if you like it: vote 5/5! Here is the link the game

Submitted on: 30/09/2007 - Author: Louissi


Hey! This is just a new to say I am not dead. I got in school, and this year is gonna be amazing! I really love my program. Naway, smileys war online is progressing well, it is taking a little less time to make than I thougth. The biggest question is still the server and the license, but I might find a solution soon. Donations are really appreciated. I go back at programming now.

Submitted on: 12/09/2007 - Author: Louissi

Smileys War online

Smileys War online is now on the work table. I decided to do it because so many of you asked for it. I hope it will work great! I already came across one major problem: the server.

The server is going to be smartfoxserver server. This is the best server, and it will speed the production of the game. This server is free for 20 users... but it is way too low. If I wan't to have unlimited users, its 2000 euros. Expensive huh? And I still have no dedicated server to host it. I would need about 4000$-6000$ to start the hole thing.

What can you do about it? Well... each time you click the ads I recieve some cents, so click them every day and this will help me a lot! You can also donate via the button at the bottom of the page.

Submitted on: 23/08/2007 - Author: Louissi

Objects and Custom controls

Hey folks! I just uploaded a new version of smileys-war and the map editor. I added the objects, it is a feature I always wanted to put in the game but I never had enough time. These objects are static(non-animated) and collision free, but they add some visual aspect to the maps. There is some objects for now, but ill add more later.

On an other side, I had a little thought for the left-handed people. You can now customise the controls in the options menu. I also added two buttons to cycle through weapons. E and Q. The scoreboard is now displayed usign the F key. But hey, you can change it if you don't like it!

You should see "Loading smileys-war v1.2.2" when playing the game. If not, refresh the page.

Discuss these updates in the FORUM! YAY!

Submitted on: 22/08/2007 - Author: Louissi

Maps removal, rating and review!

You read correct, you can now do that with your maps! If you release a new version of your map, you can use the removal code to remove the previous version for example.

You can also review and rate submitted maps, to give other users a better idea of the maps' quality.

Coming soon to your computer: Better maps browsing! (Pagination, sorting options, etc.)

Submitted on: 12/08/2007 - Author: Carand

New forum

Hey guys! You can now chat in the forum! The other features are in the way, but we are only two working on all that.

Submitted on: 08/08/2007 - Author: Louissi

Ad + News

We added an ad to help paying for the transfer generated by the website (150GB for now, and we're still in the beginning of the month :O ).

We will soon add a new feature. Some users emailed me to get their map removed. As you might have noticed, we are sending you a removal code by mail to help you prove that the map is yours so we can delete it. Deleting maps this way is taking way too much time, so we will create a page where you can enter this removal code to get your map removed automatically! Isn't that sweet?

A comments and rating feature is on the way, and a forum will be installed this week as well so you guys can talk together.

Submitted on: 07/08/2007 - Author: Louissi

Fan maps!

Hi everybody!

We just introduced a nifty little feature that will allow all the fans out there to share their Smileys-War custom maps! A "vote" option is still in the works but should be available in the upcoming days! Wait no more, head to the Fan maps page to find out more and share!

Submitted on: 30/07/2007 - Author: Carand

More maps?

A big fan of smileys war made some really cool maps, and I wanted you guys to look at them. The map system should be here soon.

Go play them

Submitted on: 28/07/2007 - Author: Louissi

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